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Need to build something in a short time? Looking for an alternate solution for cast-in-place concrete which is also cost-effective? You’re at the right place. Precast building blocks have been gaining popularity in the construction industry today due to their immense benefits. They are known for their time and cost-saving properties and are widely used in the construction of floors, walls and concrete frames at various residential and commercial properties. Blocks size and weights can vary depending on the requirements. You can also mould them into any shape and size as per your needs. Another reason why constructors and builders love working with Builders Blocks is because they can withstand any weather condition and are resistant to fire, rust and mildew. KBS Builders Merchants is the leading blocks supplier in London with a track record of supplying high-quality Building materials. Reach out to us for expert advice on block selection or order your blocks online.

Types of Blocks

Our diverse range of blocks helps builders achieve complex designs and perfect customisation while maintaining efficiency. They are a smart solution for the construction industry.
  • Aerated Blocks: These are precast and lightweight blocks. Being eco-friendly, they make a great substitute for red clay bricks. Approximately 80% of their volume is air, depending on its density. They are used for external and internal walls, firewalls, floors, stairs, beams and pillars.
  • Concrete Blocks: These come in solid and hollow variants. Solid concrete blocks are mainly used in the construction of external and internal load-bearing walls, retaining walls, garden walls, fireplaces, chimneys and lintels. They are strong and provide good sound insulation.
On the other hand, hollow concrete blocks contain one or more hollow holes between their walls, and so are lightweight blocks. They can be used to construct external and internal walls, which include curtain walls, partition walls, panel walls and boundary fences. They provide good thermal insulation and are excellent for concealing water, electricity and soil pipes. KBS Builders Merchants maintain a huge inventory in Kent and can deliver even in bulk amounts. So, you can expect a consistent and uninterrupted supply of materials from our side. Browse through our collection of blocks or speak to us if you need help selecting the best-precast solution for your construction project.

How to Choose the Right Type of Block

Choosing the right type of builders block is very important for any construction as it determines the structural integrity, aesthetic appearance and overall success of your project. We understand that sometimes, the selection of builders blocks becomes difficult if you have no connections with the construction industry. An engineer or architect can guide you the best in this regard. But for your own awareness, you can follow these steps to choose the right type of blocks:
  1. First, define the goals behind your construction project. Keep in mind how soon you want the project to be completed and then its scale and design. Consider if the blocks will suit the climate of the construction location. Also, calculate the amount of load that the structure has to bear.
  1. Then, see if you require aerated or concrete blocks, considering the load capacity and safety standards. If the proposed structure isn’t going to bear much weight, you can work with lightweight blocks.
  1. Check the thermal and sound insulation properties of the blocks and decide which one can meet your requirements.
  1. Compare the costs associated with the blocks. Here, you may need to consider the labour and material costs. But don’t go for cheap concrete blocks, as they aren’t durable and may require frequent repairs in future.
  1. See if the building blocks are eco-friendly and sustainable so as not to cause any harm to the environment. Find out how they are produced and transported.
  1. Consider the durability factor to make sure they can withstand external factors and last for longer years.
  1. Research the supplier you are thinking of getting your blocks from. Some suppliers sell cheap concrete blocks at high prices to make more profit. Check out their online presence and read reviews given by other customers to ensure you’re getting high-quality materials.
In case of any confusion or doubts regarding builders blocks, connect with our specialists at KBS Builders Merchants in Surrey for proper guidance or a free consultation. We are just a call away.

Why Choose KBS Builders Merchants?

We care deeply about our clients or customers. Nothing gives us more happiness than seeing you satisfied with the products we supplied to you. Here is why you should choose us as your building blocks supplier:
  • Convenience: With our logistic support, you don’t need to run to and fro to transport the materials to your site.
  • Timely Delivery: We always get the delivery done within the same day or the next day, as per your demand.
  • Experience: We have been supplying building materials for over 20 years, so we know the details of this industry well.
  • Wide Range of Products: Our inventory comprises various types of blocks. You can choose from different block sizes and weights as per your project needs.
  • Affordability: No more need to rely on cheap concrete blocks to adjust within the budget. Our building blocks come in an affordable range.
  • Expert Handling: We make sure that your builders blocks are delivered in perfect condition without any damage during transportation.
  • Customer-focused Approach: Our clients love us for our professionalism, prompt response and customer-friendly approach.
Shop blocks online with KBS Builders Merchants if you’re looking for a reliable building materials supplier, or get in touch to schedule your builders block delivery now.


1. Are blocks stronger than bricks?
Both blocks and bricks are pretty strong materials. However, when exposed to weather conditions, bricks are more prone to damage and organic growth.
2. Which is cheaper, blocks or bricks?
Blocks are cheaper than bricks when you consider the material and labour costs. You will require a smaller number of blocks as compared to bricks because block sizes are bigger than brick sizes. Blocks also reduce the construction efforts of labourers, bringing down the overall price.