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Builders Metalwork & Accessories

  1. EML Mesh-63mm
    EML Mesh-63mm
    £10.95 Ex. VAT
  2. EML Mesh-300mm
    EML Mesh-300mm
    £29.95 Ex. VAT
  3. EML Mesh-225mm
    EML Mesh-225mm
    £26.95 Ex. VAT
  4. EML Mesh-170mm
    EML Mesh-170mm
    £18.95 Ex. VAT
  5. EML Mesh-100mm
    EML Mesh-100mm
    £12.95 Ex. VAT
  6. Bell Bead
    Bell Bead
    £2.95 Ex. VAT

UK-based Trusted Builders Metalwork Supplier

We all want our work completed to a high standard and a quality finish, and builders' metalwork makes it possible. Metal is a strong and durable material that has been used in construction for centuries. It is an ideal choice for various applications. Our Builders' Metalwork service in London focuses on specific details to help builders create structurally sound constructions built to last. We guarantee that a builder's hard work will remain intact despite changing weather conditions or general wear and tear.

What is so unique about our Builders Metalwork Supplier?

KBS Builders metalwork can withstand extreme weather conditions and doesn't rot or corrode like other materials. It also lasts longer, which means you don't need to replace it as often. This makes our trusted builders' metalwork an economical option, as you won't have to pay for repairs and replacements as frequently as you would with other materials. Its versatility in all types of construction, whether heavy or lightweight, allows it to be used in different construction types.

Still waiting for quotes and long delivery times? We know construction is not an easy task, and we make this demanding job simple. KBS Builders Merchant is a professional Builders Metalwork supplier in London that believes in delivering efficiency. Our quality service includes:

  • Speedy delivery: Quick delivery ensures that products reach you on time. That’s why fast delivery is essential for maintaining efficient operations.
  • Quality Service: Trusted builders provide excellent products and carry ethical business practices to ensure fair labour conditions for the workers and minimum environmental impact.
  • Affordable prices: Low prices help builders enjoy huge savings on most product ranges.

Must-Have Metalwork & Accessories For Construction

Did you know that metalwork & accessories are as important as other construction parts? They are utilised to strengthen the masonry structure. KBS Builders in Surrey provides a range of metalwork products to suit the majority of applications, no matter what the job is.

We are a metalwork & accessories supplier in Surrey with an exclusive range of:

  • Beads & Mesh: Beads and mesh include expansion roll, EML mesh, render stop bead, chicken wire, perforated thin-coated plasterboard bead, render angle bead, and bell bead.
  • Wall & Frame Ties: These include box cavity ties, helical bar grout, helical bar stainless steel, wall starters stainless steel, expansion ties with sleeves, and a safety-ended frame tie.
  • Joist Hangers - Masonry: Joint hangers.
  • Joint Hangers - Timber to timber: These include long leg jiffy hangers and truss clips.
  • Building restraint straps: Building restraint straps include L joist straps, flat joist straps, joist straps, and fixing band roll.
  • Angles & Brackets: Angles & Brackets include Dog toothwashers and L brackets.

We have all types of metalwork accessories that can help you with construction. Our aim is to ensure structural integrity and longevity along with reasonable builders' metalwork costs.

Choose KBS Builders for Builders Metalwork & Accessories

Builders' metalwork remains intact despite general wear and tear or changing weather conditions. KBS Builders Merchants in Kent is proud to be your local and reliable supplier of building materials like timber, aggregates, blocks, and other DYI needs. We care about our service to all our customers, so we do our best to supply high-quality materials at affordable prices.

We often have Builders metalwork for sale. As a leading local builders merchant supplying over 20 years to the building and construction industry, we have everything you need in one stop. We work with the most trusted and premium suppliers so that you get the best quality materials at a reasonable price.

We have a vast range of building Material Supplies and products that provide secure and excellent results. We stock a wide range of builders' metalwork and accessories that ensure secure and solid results. Our range consists of beads and mesh, angles, brackets, and joint hangers designed to hold up in many areas, such as brick and block walls, concrete slabs, and other concrete constructions. Hundreds of products are available on our website for instant purchase, meaning that you can add these products to your cart and checkout immediately.

Are you looking for Builders metalwork near me? Rest assured, KBS Builders Merchant has reliable building products at great prices. Are you looking for a one-stop solution for all your building material needs? We sell everything you need to get the job done right- from accessories, sheet and timber materials to the insulation and drylining, which you can only do with KBS Building Materials Supplier for builders metalwork & accessories. Place an order today!