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Building Chemicals

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Why You Need a Trusted Building Chemicals Supplier in the UK

The construction sector is undergoing a continual transition, with an increased emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and performance excellence. Rapid urbanisation and a growing population drive have increased construction activities, leading to a higher demand for construction chemicals. Do you want to work with the most trusted and premium suppliers to provide you with top-quality materials at an affordable price? As a family-run business, we know the importance of loyalty, dedication, and hard work, which is why this is our ethos and heart. The reputation for quality and reliability is unmatched through dedicated personnel assigned to each segment.

Building chemicals improve and strengthen the construction process. KBS Builders Merchant in London is a family-run business that has been in operation for over twenty years. We supply first-class building chemicals for concrete to Surrey, London, and Kent. We are your local and reliable supplier for all your building chemical needs.

Why is there Demand for Construction Chemicals?

Construction chemicals in the UK enable sustainable construction through pioneering construction solutions. Our construction chemicals can bind, enhance, and strengthen the construction material. Here are a few construction chemicals that KBS Builders in Kent have:

  • Bitumen Primer: Bitumen Primer is a low-viscosity primer used on porous or friable surfaces before using other bitumen products or flashing tape.
  • Stabilising solution: A water-based treatment used to bond and prime surfaces before painting. Stabilising solution stabilises poor surfaces for interior and exterior use and seals and binds weathered or chalky areas.
  • Mould Release Oil: Mould release oil is a chemical agent that provides a clean release from concrete moulds. Its non-staining high coverage and uniform hard finish reduce the incidence of blow holes.
  • Integral water-resistant Plasticiser: Improves workability and plasticity at lower water additions. Improves water resistance, used on all mortars and renders, all the benefits of traditional mortar plasticiser
  • Contractors grade PVA adhesive & sealer: All-purpose primer, sealer and branding agent.
  • Plasterers Pregrit: Plasters Pregrit is one coat of plaster bonding agent. It contains sand/aggregate to provide a good plaster key on smooth surfaces.
  • SBR Admixture: This is an interior/exterior bonding and waterproofing aid, sealer, and primer. It improves the workability, wet adhesion, and plasticity of fresh mortar. It reduces shrinkage, cracking, surface dusting, and water ingress. It also increases abrasion and improves chemical and water resistance.
  • Indian Stone Sealer: Indian stone sealer is a solvent-free advanced fluoro polymer-based formulation that seals and protects high-quality natural stone patios. Improves water and oil resistance. It provides an easy, clean, and low-maintenance surface and helps prevent fungal and moss growth.

Affordable Building Chemicals Near You

Whether it is protecting, waterproofing, finishing, or repairing structures, we understand that you must find the best Building materials Supplier to complete the job with structural integrity, strength, and speed. The raw materials in the construction project should meet the best price-to-performance ratio. KBS Builders in Surrey has a wide range of products for a range of applications.

The cost of materials during construction is generally too high. KBS building materials supplier provides affordable building chemicals. With 20 years of experience in this industry, we are a global community of experts at the core of our business. Due to our in-depth knowledge of local building needs, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative and sustainable solutions. We have high-quality materials.

Are you looking for building chemicals near me? With a committed workforce and greatly valued customers and friends, we have become the most respected building chemicals merchants in South London.

Why Choose KBS Builders for Building Chemicals?

KBS Builders Merchant is your go-to construction chemicals supplier. We combine the correct elements from our portfolio to solve your specific construction challenges. We have gained expertise from countless construction projects. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of local building needs to develop innovations that help you build more successfully and drive sustainable construction.

The benefits of choosing us as your building chemicals suppliers:

  • Unwavering support throughout your construction journey
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Customer-focused approach

We have only the best building chemicals to ensure our customers receive the best. Get in touch with us today to get the best building chemicals for your construction project. Call us now! You can also email us at sales@kbsbuild.co.uk.


Which chemical is best for construction?

Building chemicals like stabilising solutions, integral water-resistant plasticisers, Bitumen primers, Indian stone sealers, and SBR admixtures are the best used in construction. Pioneers of a fully integrated service, KBS Builders Merchants is acknowledged for providing for end users or their specifiers, be they clients, producers, designers, distributors, contractors, engineers, and merchants.

What is the cheapest Building Chemicals to buy?

KBS Builders has the best building chemicals for all your construction and building needs. The rates are affordable without compromising on the quality of the chemicals. Our portfolio spans various advanced chemical solutions for maintenance, new construction, renovation of structures, maintenance, and repair.