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Drainage & Groundworks

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Proper groundwork with quality materials is a must to build a strong base before you begin any construction project. Why quality materials? That’s because the complete weight and longevity of the structure rely on its foundation. And if the foundation itself is built out of inferior materials, how can you expect the overall structure to last long? Quality groundwork and drainage suppliers ensure that your construction site or structure is capable of diverting the excess water that would otherwise cause flooding or structural damage. Now, you might be thinking, “Where do I get the good materials for groundworks near me?” Well, there are two ways. You can either visit an accredited store or order their groundwork or drainage supplies online. For example, ordering with KBS Builders Merchants is quick and easy. You can browse through our products and place your orders according to your needs. KBS is a leading company that has been dealing in groundwork and drainage supplies in London for years. We offer a range of high-quality Building materials for drainage groundworks. Feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance with quality drainage supplies near you.

Different Drainage System Types

No matter what property you own or where you live, you should know about the basics of drainage and drainage supplies so that when you search for “drainage supplies near me” and get a list of suppliers, you can make a quick decision. Improper drainage groundworks or poor drainage supplies can cause several issues, including flooding and structural damage. Drainage systems are mainly of four types. You should install a system or a combination of systems that suits your requirements.
  • Surface Drainage System: This system helps to remove water from the surface of the land through ditches or channels. The ground surface is sometimes graded or shaped to create a slope towards the channel. This type of system is mainly found on very flat land.
  • Subsurface Drainage System: In this system, ditches are dug, and pipes are installed beneath the top layer of the soil to remove excess water. Additionally, you can use a sump pump to push water through the pipes.
  • Slope Drainage System: This allows water to flow downward from a structure with the help of pipes that move down through the slope. Due to the inclination of the pipes, the water gets away from the structure naturally.
  • Downspouts and Gutter Systems: These act as a first defence for a structure against flooding from rain or stormwater. Here, a downspout is linked to the gutter. It helps to divert water from streets and sidewalks to other drainage systems or gutter drains.
Looking for materials for groundworks near you to buy online? Simply browse through our collections and order online. KBS Builders Merchants maintains a large stock of concrete drainage supplies and underground drainage supplies in Kent and Surrey, so we can deliver materials in bulk quantities. You can also speak to our experts for a free consultation on drainage supply.

A Range of Choices in Drainage and Groundworks Materials

Our inventory comprises a huge stock of groundwork and drainage supplies such as landscape fabrics, surface and underground drainage materials, reinforcement products, cable ducting and manhole covers and frames. We strive to provide you with the best concrete drainage supplies and underground drainage supplies at an affordable price. So you’re no longer looking for “cheapest drainage supplies near me”, which doesn’t serve the purpose. Browse our site to have a look at our different groundwork and drainage supplies and buy the required drainage supplies online. In case of any confusion or doubts regarding groundwork and drainage supplies, connect with our experts at KBS Builders Merchants for guidance. We are just a call away.

Choose KBS Builders for Drainage Supplies and Groundwork

We believe in delivering the best groundwork and drainage supplies because that’s what your construction deserves. Here is why you should choose us for all your groundwork and drainage supplies:
  • Convenience: With our logistic support, you don’t need to stress over transporting the groundwork and drainage supplies to your site.
  • Timely Delivery: We always get the delivery within the same day or the next day, as per your demand.
  • Experience: We have been supplying groundwork and drainage supplies for over 20 years, so we know the requirements of this industry well.
  • Wide Range of Products: Our inventory comprises various types of concrete drainage supplies and underground drainage supplies. You can choose from different groundwork and drainage supplies as per your project needs.
  • Affordability: Our materials for drainage groundworks come in an affordable range, so there is no need to look for cheaper alternatives.
  • Expert Handling: We make sure that you receive the materials in perfect condition without any damage during transit.
  • Customer-focused Approach: Clients appreciate our professionalism, customer-friendly approach and how we respond to their concerns promptly.
Your hunt for “materials for groundworks near me” ultimately ends here. Get in touch with your go-to building materials supplier, KBS, and order your supplies now. Let’s build a strong foundation for your groundwork and drainage systems in Kent and Surrey.


1. What materials are used in drainage systems?
Some of the materials used in drainage systems include pipes, channels, gully traps, adaptors and connectors. You can now buy all these drainage supplies online from the website of a trustworthy supplier.
2. Is drainage classed as groundwork?
Yes, drainage is classed as groundwork because it prevents water from accumulating and flooding the construction site or structure, increasing the longevity of the built structure.