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About Lawn Edging and Garden Edging

Lawn edging can make a significant difference to your outdoor space. Whether you are growing lots of pretty flowers or vegetables or wish to upgrade your front yard, every garden or lawn should be edged to keep it neat. This is one essential step that many gardeners or homeowners skip, but edging adds a final flourish to your plantings. Your garden bed will look complete with garden edging and lawn edging in the UK. Lawn and garden edging will give your garden an excellent shape by improving the appearance of rough edges. By using a few tools and equipment, the lawns can be given a masterful look. A sharp edge between grass and planting beds makes your lawn look tidy and clean.  KBS Builders provides cheap lawn edging so that the edges and borders are always aesthetically appealing in all styles of gardens. Garden edging serves a functional purpose by keeping grass in shape and allowing it not to spread out unevenly. Edging separates the grass and the mulch. It creates crisp, clean-cut lawn edges that make mowing simple; without separation, grass will grow and creep into the garden bed, making your beds look untidy.

Types of Edging

Edging comes in several materials, from wood to stone and plastic to metal. We have the best edging materials, which will help you choose a type that complements your garden’s style. For example, edging made of materials like stone looks charming and has a more contemporary feel. Edging is much easier to install yourself and lasts for years. It is light to handle and is not even time-consuming to install. There are many types of garden edging to choose from, so there’s no surprise if you are overwhelmed. We have tried to make it easy by eliminating the varieties to choose from. Here are the different types of cheap grass edging at KBS Builders Merchant that can help you with lawn and garden edging. We also have garden edging stones. Standard edging
  • Flat Top Path Edging 900 x 150 x 50mm – Grey
  • Hb2 Road Kerbs
  • Round Top Path Edging 900 x 150 x 50mm
Decorative edging
  • Victorian Rope Top Edging 590x180x50 Red/Black
  • Round Top Edging 600 x 150 x 50mm Buff
  • Round Top Edging 600 x 150 x 50mm Grey
  • Contour Wavey Edging 600 x 150 x 50mm Buff

Choose KBS Builders for Edging

Garden border edging takes a little work, but the results can last years if done well. Different types of edging also require different levels of effort. Choose KBS Builders as the Leading Building Material Supplier. All our edging options are inexpensive and last for many years. Whether curved, straight or irregular, we can give all shapes to your space with the plethora of standard and decorative edging options available.  Why not enhance the aesthetics of your garden by giving it some shape and definition through edging? Call us now. 


  • What is the Best Way to Edge Your Lawn?
Garden edging adds a design element to your outdoor space. Edging looks smart and stylish whilst also creating distinct garden spaces. A well-designed garden adds value to your home and reduces garden maintenance tasks. You can call us to get help from our experts, who understand edging in detail. KBS builders have an in-depth understanding of the entire process involved in edging and can help you get the best edging for your lawn. Grab the weeds when they’re small before they become well-established and deeply rooted, hindering lawn edging.
  • What is the Best Type of Garden Edging?
Lawn edging comes in various materials and a range of price points. The best types of garden edging are the ones that suit your garden and elevate its look and feel. KBS Builders has a wide range of garden edging options that can create a beautiful space for you. Edging from sturdy materials is considered as much a design element as a physical barrier. These look artistry natural, making your garden even more eye-catching. Once established, garden edges and borders are easy to maintain and clean when needed, giving a nice edge to the lawn. You can now add all shapes and textures to your wonderful garden.