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Fencing Supplier

With several available options, you might be considering which fencing is the best. Fencing adds a statement to your house. KBS Builders believes in using materials that look elegant and are highly durable. We cater to functionality and looks. We are the best fencing supplier in the UK, and our goal is to supply a wide range of fence panels so that you have the ideal fencing that matches the aesthetics of your home.  The transformation by the installation of our fencing material will be remarkable. We build and supply fencing for various builders that meet your specific requirements. All the fences are obtained from sustainable sources, making them environment-friendly.

Different Types of Fencing

Fencing your house is something that people are reminded of only sometimes. Fencing plays a big role in keeping your boundaries closed and property safe. Our fencing supplies in the UK include the following:
  • Featheredge Fencing
  • Waney Lap Fencing
  • Concrete Gravel Boards
  • Concrete Gravel Posts
  • Timber Post, Timber Gravel Board & Sleepers
  • Fencing Metalwork

Affordable Choices for Your Fencing Needs

A fence performs an essential job for your property. It keeps your garden, yard, and space completely secure and becomes extra important if you have young children or pets who love to play in open spaces. KBS Builders Merchant, your top fencing supplier in the UK, provides very low-cost fencing options for the safety your backyard demands. Fencing also acts as a divider between properties, preventing trespassing and other accidents. These temporary fencing can help you create a boundary without keeping it for a lifetime.  Featherboard, also known as Feather Edge fencing or Closeboard, is a strong fence panel that can easily be used in gardens throughout the UK. It is a more traditional style of fence that will make your house look beautiful. KBS Builders also has many other Building materials and a variety of fencing panels, but we also offer other, more contemporary styles that provide just as much privacy. Featherboard presents a solid protective barrier, which ensures complete privacy and protection from intruders. It also has a timeless appearance. Here are a range of featheredge fencing that we provide:
  • 6'x6' Featheredge Panel (Fully Framed) - Dark Brown
  • 6'x4' Featheredge Panel (Fully Framed) - Dark Brown
  • 6'x5' Featheredge Panel (Fully Framed) - Dark Brown
  • Feather Edge Garden Gate-SQ TOP 900mm
  • Feather Edge Garden Gate-RND TOP 900mm
  • 22×125 Featheredge Brown Treated-1.8m
  • 22×125 Featheredge Brown Treated-1.5m

Choose KBS Builders as a Fencing Supplier

Boundaries between houses serve more than just providing security. They elevate the overall look of your house. Wood fencing adds a natural touch to your space. Our fencing panels blend perfectly with the colours and feel of your homes. Want to know more about fencing supplies near me? Our fencing specialists and expert team are always ready to help. Call us now or send us a message. You can also email us.  Our gardens should be private places to enjoy, play and relax with family and friends. A fence can help us enjoy the privacy we need, making an excellent natural line for planting trees and enhancing privacy. Contact KBS Builders for cheap fencing supplies. Get in touch with KBS builders for fencing in the UK.


  • What is the cheapest fencing available?
Our experience, expertise, and workmanship within the fencing industry allow us to offer affordable pricing. We have the best quality fencing around homes, colleges, universities, schools, care homes, and other areas. We follow industry best practices to maintain the quality of our products every year. The cheapest fencing option typically depends on various factors, such as material cost, installation fees, and maintenance expenses. A fencing supplier's overall cost can vary based on factors like the area's size, local labour rates, and any additional features or customisation required.
  • Which Brand is the best for buying fencing?
Ideal fencing can depend on individual preferences and needs. KBS Builders is known as the best brand for Fencing suppliers. When choosing fencing equipment, it is mandatory to consider factors such as durability, quality, material, and personal comfort. KBS Builders has experts who provide recommendations and valuable insights into the best fencing material for specific needs. Contact the experts for cheap fence panels that maintain quality.