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Landscaping Supplies: Everything at One Place

Landscaping refers to all the activities that modify the visible features of an area of land. We help you execute the idea that has been brimming in your mind for so long. KBS Builders is a landscape supply company that provides the best materials for paving, fencing, walling, decking, artificial grass, edging and walling. These supplies ensure that a property's safety and aesthetic appeal are maintained. The landscape supplies team at KBS Builders is committed to developing sustainable, long-term relationships with our customers. We establish this by collaborating closely with our customers to deliver high-quality, value-for-money landscaping services.  Looking for landscape suppliers online? We specialise in helping our clients increase the value of their homes and create an aura in their outdoor living spaces. Through our landscape supplies, we aim to ensure that you are satisfied with the result of your project. Our fully employed in-house team can help you select the best landscaping components.

Types of Landscaping Supplies

KBS Builders Merchant provides unparalleled landscaping services to domestic and commercial customers. With years of experience in the UK landscaping industry, we have a landscaping supply store to ensure your products arrive on time without causing any delay in your work. Here's a detailed breakdown of different types of landscape supplies in the UK:
  • Paving: Paving provides a flat surface for walking. Paving is very durable and can be used to create patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways, and other parts of the outdoor landscape.
  • Fencing: Residents of the UK put up fencing to define property boundaries and border open spaces. It also adds extra beauty to a garden or other space. 
  • Edging: Edging helps to create crisp and clean lines between garden beds and other areas. It will define a border and make a border between sidewalks and grass.
  • Artificial grass: Artificial grass adds a natural touch to your space and makes it look greener without the struggle of daily maintenance. 
  • Walling: Walling complements the paths, decking, fencing, and edging to create a more defined outdoor area. 
  • Decking: Decking is generally a flat surface that resembles a floor. It is constructed outside the house and elevated from the ground. Decking can also be used to make a boardwalk or a path.
Landscaping is essential not just for protection but also for elevating the visual aspect of your space. We are an online landscape supply company with an extensive range of landscaping materials. Our Specialist Team pays attention to the minute details of every project requirement to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client.  Are you considering getting your materials from a 'landscape supply company near me'? All our large or small Building materials are carefully selected and incorporated into our designs. 

Affordable Landscape Supply Near You

Want to breathe new life into your open space, garden or lawn but have budget constraints? When it comes to landscaping supplies, good quality material is important to ensure functionality and longevity. With top landscape supplies, low cost and professional execution, you will be able to provide a solid foundation for a successful landscaping project.  KBS Builders has the most affordable landscape supply in the UK. We will take care of all landscape supplies, whether you need to do walling, paving, artificial grass, edging, or anything else for your house or garden.

Why Choose KBS Builders for Landscaping Supplies?

KBS Builders is a landscape supply company that provides its customers with top-quality landscaping products and professional advice. If you are looking for landscape suppliers near me, we offer various landscaping solutions, and all our materials are manufactured in the UK.  We maintain quality and show immense support throughout the construction of your house. Irrespective of the requirements, we do our best to provide you with the best materials to cater to your landscaping needs. Our customer-focused experts follow the best industry practices to make all our products. Contact us now!


  • How Much Does It Cost to Landscape a Garden in the UK?
The cost of landscaping a garden in the UK depends on your requirements. Being sure whether you need fencing, artificial grass, walling, or edging will help you get a better cost estimation of landscaping, as the price range varies for each section. KBS Builders is a trusted supplier of different landscape supplies, helping you create beautiful, practical, eye-catching outdoor spaces. Our range of range product portfolio includes fencing products, artificial grass in different sizes, and walling in various shapes and colours.