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Artificial Grass

Why do you Need Artificial Grass in the UK?

Every person dreams of having a beautiful home outdoors. This is why upgrading your home landscaping indoors and outdoors is essential. KBS Builders is introducing the jewel of our collection: natural, artificial grass. Crafted to perfection, our grass boasts a premium and luscious quality that stands above the rest. The fake grass has multidirectional fibres that effortlessly blend into any environment, impacting a charming rustic vibe to outdoor spaces. Rest assured, investing in this grass will undoubtedly enhance both the value of your home and your outdoor living.  Why should you invest in our artificial grass in the UK? KBS Builders is the best artificial grass supplier. We have the best quality grass at an affordable rate, as we do not compromise on the quality.
  • Pet friendly
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Pesticide free option
No matter what the thickness or colour, we have it all. With natural aesthetics, skin-friendliness, health awareness, and the right texture, we are an ideal choice for you to enjoy a new lifestyle and a beautiful visual experience.

The Best Artificial Grass Supplier in the UK

Artificial grass can be your go-to solution for long-lasting, aesthetic outdoor grass. We at KBS Builders understand the importance of practical and beautiful outdoor spaces. Therefore, we have created attractive artificial grass at affordable prices. KBS is also leading as the top Building Material Supplier in the UK Our cheap artificial grass products are:
  • Highly durable
  • Low on maintenance
  • We have the best alternative for natural grass- green, soft and beautiful. 
  • We guarantee zero usage of pesticides and chemicals.
  • Can withstand heavy usage and climate change
  • Connect with us for more information on artificial grass.
As the best artificial grass supplier in the UK, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products that bring the beauty of nature to your doorsteps. The innovation we have put into our system and our commitment to sustainability make us the answer to your outside space problem.

Choose KBS Builders to Buy Artificial Grass

There are different things to consider when choosing a supplier responsible for selling fibre optic grass. These factors, for example, are whether the company are turf suppliers or not. Other factors are reputation, customer reviews, quality of fibres, cost, warranty, and after-sales service. You can research various builders and artificial grass suppliers and compile the data to ensure you make the most excellent decision based on your needs and budget, with high product quality, innovation, superior experience, and collaboration. Our customers recognise us as a responsible and reliable partner.  As a comprehensive grass provider for all your needs, we specialise in developing and manufacturing professional artificial grass systems for various applications. If you are looking for artificial grass suppliers near me or turf suppliers near me, contact KBS Builders. Our top-grade artificial grass will make your area appear greener, natural, fresh and grassy. It is the right choice to replace your original grass with fake grass.  Ensure you get it from a trusted artificial grass supplier like KBS  Builders Merchant.


  • How to Install Artificial Grass?
We all want that lush green lawn at home, but only some people want to put in all the work it takes to keep up with it. It is a chore that you can check off the list by calling an artificial grass supplier. Avoid placing artificial grass over other grass, whether natural or synthetic. Placing it on existing grass will spoil its appearance since it won’t be on the same level. We recommend digging up the natural grass and creating a smooth surface to install your artificial grass.
  • How to Clean Artificial Grass?
Artificial grass is deficient maintenance because you only need to clean it occasionally with water. The key to cleaning and maintaining artificial grass is to ensure it is not covered with debris for long periods. Debris, such as leaves, will eventually begin to break down and can create moss or weed growth. To prevent this, we recommend using a stiff brush, leaf blower, or hoover to clean the turf. We focus on providing products that are durable and need minimal maintenance. The artificial grass you find online with us can be used for residential gardens, rooftops, balconies, events and exhibitions, sports surfaces, offices, hotels, etc.