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Do you know what the most consumed material in the world is after water? Maybe you already know it, or maybe not. But it’s concrete! And concrete is nothing without cement. Ready Mix Cement is the binding element in concrete. It plays a crucial role in the construction and infrastructure development industries, and so is its quality. Nowadays, there’s a growing demand for cement due to its high quality, consistency and quick availability. It reduces the time and effort that’s required for any construction, so ready mix cement is a perfect choice for large-scale construction projects. As a leading cement supplier in London, we strive to provide you with the best quality cement. So, if you have been searching for “top quality ready mix cement near me”, place your order for Building Materials online at KBS Builders Merchants. Reach out to us for more information.

Dive into Various Types of Cement

Bricks act as building blocks of any structure, but it’s the cement that keeps them bonded together for years. It’s nearly impossible to think about modern construction without cement. There are various types of cement used in construction, but choosing the right one is the key to a successful project. Here are the seven most common types of cement you can use for your projects. Bags of cement 25kg are readily available at our local stores.
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC): This is the most common type of cement manufactured and used in the world. It’s suitable for most general construction projects like bridges, buildings, roads and other structures. It’s also used for precast concrete products. Now, you can easily get bags of Portland Cement 25kg from our site.
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC): It’s a type of hydraulic cement made by mixing Portland cement with pozzolanic materials, such as silica fume or fly ash and sometimes additives of gypsum or calcium sulfate. It’s generally used in the construction of houses and mass concrete structures like dams and bridges, where durability is an important factor.
  • Rapid-hardening Cement: This type of hydraulic cement gains high strength in the initial stages of the hardening process. It’s used in events where quick-setting concrete is required, such as in the construction of pavements, repair work and precast concrete products.
  • Low-heat Cement: This is a type of hydraulic cement that's specially made to produce low heat during the hydration process. It gains strength slowly. It’s ideal for the construction of large structures that are prone to cracking due to heat buildup, such as nuclear power plants, dams and large-mass concrete structures.
  • White Cement: It has a high level of whiteness and is used mainly for decorative purposes, such as in the construction of terrazzo flooring, precast concrete products, and architectural elements. A 25kg cement bag can also be mixed with pigments to produce various coloured concrete finishes.
  • Portland Limestone Cement (PLC): This is a type of blended cement that's made by grinding together Portland cement clinker and 5 to 15% limestone. It has properties similar to OPC and generates low heat during the hydration process. As it has a lower carbon footprint, it’s generally used in the construction of green buildings and infrastructure but can also used in the construction of pavements, foundations, and precast units.
  • Ready Mix Cement: This is an ideal product for those who don’t have sufficient time and energy to put effort into mixing different materials during construction. It’s a mixture of cement, sand and coarse aggregates which can be mixed with water as per convenience.
With the range of choices available, you might find it difficult to make an informed choice. If you’re looking for “quality ready mix cement near me”, buy our ready mix cement bags online at KBS Builders Merchants. Speak to our experts to get a free consultation if you want.

Cement on a Budget: Affordable and Quality Choices

We understand that you might find it intimidating to buy ready mix cement, thinking it’s too costly. But what if we tell you our cheap cement bags of 25kg can fit perfectly into your budget and are extremely affordable? For us, cheap doesn’t mean compromising on the quality. Quality is guaranteed in every 25kg cement bag that we offer. When you are on a budget, it becomes very important to choose the right supplier in Kent, as normally cheap cement bags of 25kg are found to be of poor quality. But being in this industry for years has given us the ability to differentiate between poor and good quality materials. We don’t mix up inferior materials with our ready mix cement like other suppliers to cut costs and let you suffer in future due to its circumstances. You can rely on us and try our ready mix cement without hesitation. Go through our online reviews to see how happy our customers are with our authenticity and products. Order a bag or bags of 25kg cement at KBS Builders Merchants as per your need. Connect with us in case of any doubts or confusion.

Why Choose Ready Mix Cement from KBS Builders Merchants?

Our happiness knows no boundaries when you feel content with our products. You’re our highest priority. Here is why you should choose us as your ready mix cement supplier:
  • Convenience: We transport bags of ready mix cement to your site in our own vehicles. So, you don’t need to worry about the transportation part.
  • Timely Delivery: We ensure that your orders get delivered at the right time every single time.
  • Experience: We have been supplying cement for over 20 years, and in all these years, we have developed knowledge about every type of cement, its properties, and its uses.
  • Wide Range of Products: Our inventory comprises various types of high-quality cement in bulk amounts.
  • Affordability: Our products are price competitive as our buyers come from various sectors and backgrounds. Cheap 25kg cement bags of good quality are always available with us.
  • Expert Handling: We make sure that your ready mix cement bags are delivered in good condition without being torn or damaged.
  • Customer-focused Approach: Our clients love us for our professionalism, prompt response and customer-friendly approach.
Your search for “high-quality ready mix cement near me” ends here with KBS Builders Merchants. Order your cement 25kg bag now from the best building materials supplier in Surrey. Get in touch with us for more details on cement.


1. Are cement and concrete the same thing?
No, cement and concrete aren’t the same thing. Cement is a binding agent made out of clay and limestone, whereas concrete is a building material created by mixing cement, water, and aggregates.
2. Can you buy ready mixed cement?
Yes, you can buy ready-mix cement bags from building materials suppliers through their online or physical stores.