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About Decking

If you are a homeowner, you know how important it is to use the deck behind your home for outdoor activities and relaxation. You can make a deck on your frontage for a cosy, exciting look with functional value. Decking boards, just like their name show, raise the lifetime value of your house and are the perfect area to entertain or hang out with your friends. Welcome to KBS Builders, the best and easiest way to buy decking supplies online in the UK. We stock a vast selection of materials. We understand the uniqueness of each outdoor space. With a diverse range of decking profiles, species, and finishes, our offerings can be tailored to complement any architectural style or personal preference. We offer the most affordable decking Board prices. Your vision is our inspiration.  The decking boards can also serve as an extra security measure, especially for families with young children. Besides styling, decking materials are less painful to the feet. The smooth surface of a deck reduces the stumbles that occur when you gather stonework or move on an uneven garden surface.  We offer a range of colour-matching timber decking board options, providing a seamless aesthetic for your outdoor spaces. Our products are engineered with sustainability in mind. You can rest assured and maintain their pristine appearance for years with cheap decking board prices

Trusted Decking Supplier in the UK

The concept of decking relates to a structured procedure to create a decking board, which is usually an outdoor area that looks like a floor but is mainly made from wood or composite materials. It is an extension of the home or the living space that merges the outside with the inside. All you need is specialist extension suppliers such as KBS Builders, the leading Building Material Supplier in the UK. These individuals know how to create decks that are an excellent fit for a space.  Our advanced onsite production facilities enable innovations in materials and specifications. We have a complete range of timber decking boards mainly made from domestically sourced timber. With KBS Builders, you will find everything you need to create that perfect garden area for entertaining, kids to play, or a suntrap terrace base.  Decking boards allow homeowners to be expressive, expressing themselves through the artistic appeal it adds to a property. It embodies the venue where social activities like barbeque or parties are executed, a destination for quiet relaxation, and a beautiful spot to appreciate the garden or environs. Furthermore, due to manufacturers' wide selection of materials and designs, homeowners can customise their decks to create a personalised masterpiece that will work best for their style and requirements. Due to the availability of cheap decking boards, decks are becoming the popular choice for homeowners' projects. 

Choose KBS Builders for Decking Boards

Elevate outdoor spaces with premium decking boards. Crafted for durability and aesthetics, decking boards at KBS Builders Merchant are resistant to weathering and provide a comfortable, slip-resistant surface where style meets sustainability for the perfect outdoor work. Our professionals will advise you about the most suitable product for your job.  Are you looking for 'decking boards near me'? Enjoy hassle-free living with decking wood planks requiring minimal upkeep, freeing you from constant maintenance. Stay safe and worry-free with us. Our Decking boards are designed to provide excellent grip even in wet conditions. Our timber decking boards are engineered to resist the effects of changing weather, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent beauty. Please feel free to contact us for any guidance you may require. We offer a top-quality range of composite decking boards on the market. 


  • What Is the Best Board to Use for Decking? 
Decking boards at KBS Builders are the best for decking. The commitment to sustainability drives every aspect of our decking board solutions. We source wood responsibly from well-managed forests, and our process aligns with eco-conscious principles. By choosing KBS Builders, you are inviting in outdoor elegance while minimising your ecological footprint. The wood species, for example, cedar or vinyl, are for decking, and these have a long life span, which can manage any problem from the harsh weather and last for long. 
  • What Is the Cheapest Decking Option?
Decking from KBS builders will be the cheapest option in the UK. Resistance and durability of a well-built deck may be the long-term solution. Recognising this fact, residents, community associations, and homeowner developers must seriously consider building a well-constructed deck. As long as you are dedicated to its regular maintenance, our decking boards can serve for a long time without so much expense.