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About Walling Blocks

Walling blocks are products designed to help you create a cohesive outdoor area. From ensuring privacy to defining and decorating specific spaces, the walling blocks will effortlessly complement your garden paving or driveway. Whether your garden is traditional looking or designed to suit the style of the contemporary home, the installation of appropriate walling blocks will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake for your garden decoration. Would you like to add a rustic design to your outdoor spot? How about having a Garden wall? No matter how important your project is, KBS Builders will allow you to create a space that elevates the look of your house so that you can take pride in it. Emphasising the current trends, you are highly advised to consult our collection. This way, the material can be shaling or sandstones, with the slips attached to a flat concrete float. The whole landscape can, therefore, be contemporary. 

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Walling is an excellent way to create height or divide areas within your outdoor space. Garden walling blocks are ideal for constructing a sheltered area. KBS Builders has various garden walling block styles and stones available to help you find garden walling that suits your preferences. You can browse to see the full range of garden walling What material is precisely used in good walling blocks? Marshalite is a versatile product used for multiple decorative walling blocks in many areas of the UK. It is durable and has low water absorption, which makes it ideal for weather conditions in the UK. Here are our decorative walling blocks:
  • Marshalite Walling Pitched-Grey-300x100x65mm
  • Marshalite Walling Pitched-Buff-300x100x65mm
  • Coping Stones: Once Weathered Coping
  • Four-way Pier caps
Taking care of erosion in your yard is a crucial factor, especially when the turf is on a raised bed or sloppy area. Our product options involve natural walling blocks with different textures, such as machine-made, split-faced, and pitched. We at KBS, the leading Building Material Supplier, offer cheap walling blocks with a range of eye-catching designs from the leading brands in the United Kingdom. Garden walling blocks are a necessary element in most gardens as the main reason is to retain and prevent soil-slide movements due to gravity. The wide selection of materials and colours will make your endeavour a breeze. Our walling blocks are elegant and will meet the taste of different designs and lifestyles, whether you prefer the old and traditional or the new and modern look. Check all our decorative walling blocks to get in line with your wall. This will make your space feel more customised.

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Consider this: ‘You are seeking ways to outfit your exterior space.’ This job can be done by adding texture and dimension without costly products! Walling blocks give another dimension to your garden. Walls turn into absolute dividers, but they also provide a possibility to get some corner areas, raising the privacy level. They also come in handy for this purpose, particularly where you want to make a shabby corner unnoticeable. The blooming flowers, along with walling, will make a lovely setting. Thus, you must choose your garden walling blocks well from our assorted products. A garden is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Being your exclusive outdoor living space, it is a space where you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. KBS Builders Merchant has high-quality garden walling blocks to make a contemporary and sleek wall for traditional and modern settings. We have various products to suit all budgets, aesthetics, and styles.   The Garden Walling Blocks are durable, aesthetically pleasing and designed to withstand outdoor elements, making them ideal for creating sturdy and attractive garden walls. KBS Builders often offers a variety of cheap walling block options in terms of colours, sizes, and textures, allowing you to customise your garden wall according to your preferences.


  • Which Blocks are the Best for a Garden Wall?
The Best walling blocks for a garden wall depend on the desired aesthetic, budget, and structural requirements. Marshalite walling makes the best garden wall. These blocks are affordable and easy to work with, while bricks offer a classic look. Ensuring proper foundation and walling blocks will result in a beautiful outdoor space.