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DPC & Membranes

Why Do You Need a Damp Proof Course?

Do you find the musty, damp smell unpleasant and uncomfortable? KBS Builder's DPC (damp proof course) is a barrier or layer installed in construction to prevent moisture from causing damage or dampness from rising through the walls.

Homes that do not have appropriate damp-proofing measures installed are more likely to take on excess moisture. A damp-proof course is necessary to prevent structural damage or mould growth. It allows the integrity and longevity of the building to be maintained. It is placed at basement levels, restricting the movement of moisture through the floors and walls of a building. We are a trusted DPC supplier in Surrey. Our DPC courses are mainly used in new building properties that are most sensitive to moisture to prevent rising dampness.

The majority of the property that exists today in Surrey should have a damp-proof course. If you are worried that your property is suffering from dampness or have spotted signs of dampness, then you must have your property damp-proofed and protected by professionals. Contact our damp-proof course supplier in Surrey and protect your property with an effective damp-proof course!

Why Are Membranes Required to Improve A Building’s Performance?

It might be difficult to accurately identify the best fit for your property to the untrained eye. Our damp-proof course prevents dampness from the ground from rising to the walls and damaging your property. We have several options for remedial damp-proof courses that can be installed on your property.

A Proof Membrane can form part of a damp-proof course. Our specially designed membranes are used to efficiently create part of a damp-proof course using a unique method of damp-proofing. This membrane is thoroughly positioned under a pre-designed concrete slab to protect the concrete from moisture and obtain a damp-proof layer.

A proof membrane is one of the most flexible and straightforward damp proofing methods to protect properties from penetrating damp problems. This membrane can be placed or introduced either horizontally or vertically on walls, floors, etc.

We are the top-performing membrane supplier in Kent. Our membranes contain flexible materials such as plastic, polythene, or metal sheets. Get in touch with us to book highly flexible membranes and protect your concrete structure.

Choose KBS Builders for DPC & Membranes

Homes that need appropriate damp-proofing measures installed are likelier to take on excess moisture. A well-functioning damp course is an essential part of any property to prevent moisture from the earth and soil from rising to the walls through capillary action and damping the property. KBS Builders in London has a reasonable Damp Proof Course Cost.

A missing DPC will cause problems like damp walls on the home's internal and external sides. The type of building, soil conditions, and budget are a few factors that can influence the choice of materials for DPC construction. That is why our DPC Membranes are backed by long-lasting materials, providing you with complete peace of mind and reassurance. At KBS Builders Merchants, we have some of the industry's most experienced and highly trained people.

Are you looking for a Damp Proof Course Near Me? We will ensure that you keep your property healthy and happy. If you want further information about DPMs or one installed at your property, contact our KBS Building Materials Supplier team. We would be glad to help. You can inquire online if you suspect your property requires help with a damp-proof course.


1. Is Damp Proof Course Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. It is an essential property element to protect against any moisture rising from the ground. Excess moisture damages the plaster and could also lead to wet or dry rot, affecting the unprotected timbers of a structure. Every building should have a damp-proof course at least 150 mm above ground level. Hence, ensure that your building has a practical damp-proof course to repel water from the ground. At present, many remedial damp-proof courses are available which can be installed. However, selecting the appropriate damp-proof course suited to the property's construction is essential.

2. Why Is the Membrane Important to Us?

The membrane is critical because it is a material often used to prevent dampness from occurring through capillary action. It is often used underneath a concrete floor to prevent it from gaining moisture. Damp-proof membranes can also be placed above the concrete in the walls in conjunction with a damp-proof course (DPC). DPM is amongst the most reliable damp-proofing solutions for removing dampness from your property.

It prevents moisture seepage from the ground level from rising through walls, which can cause structural damage and health risks. It effectively enhances the lifespan of the building and blocks humidity and moisture from harming the foundation.