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  1. Aura Collection 600x600x20
    Aura Collection 600x600x20
    As low as £28.00 Ex. VAT
  2. Avantgarde Collection 900x600x20
    Avantgarde Collection 900x600x20
    As low as £28.00 Ex. VAT
  3. Cathedral Collection 900x600x20
    Cathedral Collection 900x600x20
    As low as £28.00 Ex. VAT
  1. Granite Sets
    Granite Sets
    £1.50 Ex. VAT

Leading Paving Supplier: Get Yours Now

Rain, wind, vehicle passage, and foot travel cause surfaces to wear out without an effective, well-compacted overlayer. This is particularly true when the ground has only soil. Indeed, the effects are observed on all soft soil, higher compact concrete surfaces, and other surfaces only partially protected by a shielding layer. Another factor to be considered is soil erosion, which poses a risk to ponds, boundary walls, swimming pools, and landscaped features. Paving slabs offer a channel of protection, especially for structures surrounding the surface and the materials that come from the weight of the traffic and the weather. You might be thinking of 'paving slabs near me'. Want to get your work done from cheap paving suppliers? KBS Builders, a paving supplier, offers an extensive range of natural stone products for driveways, gardens and other spaces. With a wide choice of styles, colours, and finishes, there is something to suit every budget, home and project.  Depend on our team of professionals to find suitable paving slabs for your garden. Throughout the process, from purchase to after-sales, our customer care employees are well-trained to be ready to help you and are available by phone, e-mail, live chat, and WhatsApp. For samples or pricing advice, contact us for cheap paving slabs. While you are here, we guarantee you a memorable experience and that you get the best for less with a top Building Material Supplier.

Types of Paving

Paving is one of the most essential parts of landscaping, and good quality products are required to do the job. The materials need to be of top quality and natural in look. It should make your space more comfortable and beautiful. Want paving slab suppliers near me? Our paving supplier offers:
  • Natural sandstone paving
  • Porcelain paving
  • Block paving
  • Concrete Paving
  • We also have paving accessories, paving compounds and paving chemicals. 
We have the original style that distinguishes us from other companies. We also keep designing new paving slabs by incorporating artistic combinations. It doesn't matter if it is a huge space or the simplest walkway because we have suitable paving slabs that will impress your guests and still be on your budget.

Affordable and Cheap Paving Suppliers in the UK

You should know that achieving a unique and exquisite ambience with paving takes work. From residential spaces to commercial areas, paving will be your solution if you are searching for a means that will not maintain aesthetics. We provide an assortment of paving slabs so it is possible to make incredible walkways and leisure areas with high-quality and colourful results. Paving slabs offer distinct advantages. We provide distinct advantages:
  • Can easily handle the extremes of weather and traffic and their impact on the road surface.
  • Long-lasting durability and low total costs (acquirement and repair) over the product's lifetime.
  • It has superb load-bearing capacity. Being versatile, this is because multi-coloured designs can be made using different colours in multiple palette placements.
  • The non-slip service brings our paving slabs to the top, making it an outright choice for rainy weather and walking.
  • Damage to a paver doesn't involve the replacement of an entire section of covering; instead, it requires a few fixes.
Installation time causes little or no delay compared to the installation time with most other types of surfaces. Choosing a reliable paving supplier like KBS Builders will make your task easy. 

Why Choose KBS Builders for Paving and Patio Slabs?

We offer many paving slabs designed for several functions, each presenting a choice of style, finish, and colour, providing something to suit every project, budget and home. KBS Builders Merchant, a paving supplier in the UK, offers this patio slab:
  • Durable
  • Frost resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • It will look more natural over time. 
  • Unique and natural designs easily blend with nature's tones and colours.
Looking for paving suppliers near me? Get in touch with KBS Builders.


  • What Is the Cheapest Form of Paving?
KBS Builders provides paving at very cheap prices. The paving materials are diverse in styles, colours, and finishes. From heavy-duty block paving designed to make it anti-slip to integrating beautiful paving into your driveway, the professionals are always keen on giving an eye-catching appeal to the home. 
  • Which sizes of slabs can I choose from?
KBS Builders has a wide range of slab sizes to cater to your space's needs. We assist in selecting paving slabs so we can guarantee that they will be used within internal or outdoor spaces that are ethically sourced.