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Gyproc Easifill 60 Filler 10kg

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Gyproc Easifill 60 Filler 10kg


Our Gyproc Easifill 60 Filler, available in a 10kg bag, is a top-choice solution for professionals aiming to achieve flawless finishes on walls and ceilings. This lightweight, easy-to-mix compound is designed for filling and smoothing over plasterboard joints, cracks, and holes, offering a durable and smooth surface that's ready for painting or wallpapering. 
The Gyproc Easifill 60 is known for its excellent workability and ease of application, making it ideal for both small repairs and large-scale renovations. Its quick-setting formula allows for a fast turn-around on projects, with a workable time of 60 minutes and the ability to sand down in just 140 minutes, speeding up the overall finishing process. 
This product is specifically formulated to minimise shrinkage, ensuring that once applied, it dries to a hard, crack-resistant finish. The 10kg bag provides ample material for covering large areas or completing multiple projects, making it a cost-effective choice for achieving professional-quality results. 
Choose Gyproc Easifill 60 Filler 10kg for your next project to ensure a smooth, durable finish on all your plasterboard surfaces. Its reliability and ease of use make it an indispensable product for achieving the best results in interior finishing.


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